Retail Operations. Social Media. Marketing.

Event Planning. Strategy. Process creation.

• Over the last year I’ve worked with my accounts to create marketing plans tied into our Corporate branding and messaging- allowing a full-circle campaign for events to be posted on our site/Social Media pages, as well as being posted on the client’s social media

Content Marketing focused through social (media) engagement, and supporting for clients through social media community management, podcast recording/editing, video production, writing blogs, etc.

• My StrengthsFinder 2.0 strengths (Learner, Deliberative, Intellection, Empathy, Individualization) all make me a great team player and perfect for giving great customer service to both internal and external customers that an administrative assistant communicates with on a daily basis.

I posses the unique combination of skills being both creative/intuitive and analytical making me a key asset for your team. I appreciate your careful consideration and I am looking forward to meeting with you.

Please access the three  online compilations that I facilitate:

Thank you for visiting my page.

HootSuite Certified Professional

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